Marie at the Saatchi Gallery

Marie Janine

"Creativity is not necessarily a talent.
It's the conscious decision to act and
play without being afraid to fail."

In 2012, I moved from Germany to London. Before that I also spent some time in France and Spain, enabling me to discover that I love immersing myself in different cultures. Constantly fuelling my creativity has always been central to my life. Both my parents loved to paint when they were younger, however they no longer spend time painting. On the contrary, I have come to the conclusion that I could never stop creating. It’s the joy of my life! I am on a journey like so many of us. And I am enjoying this journey. I can’t imagine a better place to positively transform and creatively express myself than London. The city challenges me in many ways, yes, but it also inspires me in even more ways.
Colouresko stands for an artistic, creative and positive lifestyle in the city, keeping eyes and the heart open to grow and change without fear.