Marie Janine

"I don’t agree that creativity is a talent.
It's based on a conscious decision to act and play in life without being afraid to fail. A key skill we need now and even more so in the future."

welcome to Colouresko - My Creativity & lifestyle Blog! Curating Ideas, Tips, Essays, Artwork, Inspiration…and much more With the goal to spark The Creativity in Your life!

A couple of years ago, on International Women’s Day, I took my two suitcases and moved from Regensburg in Germany to London. There was nothing wrong with my life in Bavaria, I had a great job as a technical editor, a beautiful flat and amazing friends. However, I left Germany already once to live in Spain (one suitcase only) and discovered how much I love to immerse myself in a different culture. And do you know why? Because it’s fuelling my creativity and creativity has always been central to my life. I’m a marketer and help others to become, find and develop better leaders. And I’m a creativity advocate on a mission to show that everyone of you is creative.
As a hybrid, I love both, my job and my hobbies.
Creativity is huge and not only reduced to the arts. It’s thinking in new boxes, challenging the old and solving complex problems, its simply playing with all the tools (toys) around you and creating new amazing things whilst having fun! Both my parents loved to paint, however they no longer spend time painting. On the contrary, I’ve come to the conclusion that I will never stop creating. It’s the joy of my life!
I can’t imagine a better place to positively transform and creatively express myself than London. The city challenges me in many ways, yes, but it also inspires and supports me in even more ways.
Colouresko is the word I’ve created that stands for an artistic, creative, entrepreneurial and positive lifestyle in the city. It’s a blog where I share stories, tips, observations on how to keep eyes and heart open to grow and change without fear.
A blog that hopefully inspires and unleashes your own creative potential.

- Marie Janine -

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