Marie Janine

Marie Janine

"Creativity is not necessarily a talent.
It's the conscious decision to act and
play without being afraid to fail."

In 2012, I moved from Regensburg in Germany to London. Being creative has always been part of my life. Both my parents were hobby painting when they were younger but stopped when they got older and had no more time for it. I have realised I could not live without being creative and made it to one of my priorities. I love intense colours and colourful things in general. My life is colourful and it is intense. So, I thought the name COLOURESKO describes my lifestyle very well. 

I am on a journey, always, like so many of us, and I can't imagine a better place for positive transformation and expressing my creativity than London. The city is challenging me in many ways, yes, and it's inspiring and encouraging me in even more ways. I've decided to live more consciously and happier in this city, to keep my eyes and heart open, to grow and to change without fear. 




The Mission of COLOURESKO

In big cities like London we are exposed to a stressful lifestyle. We have long commutes to and from work, high air pollution, constant noise and overstimulation, busy work schedules, fast-food opportunities and we take too few breaks. Additionally, we have to choose between many options to entertain ourselves after work and during weekends. In a buzzing city like London there seems to be little room for relaxation and daydreaming.
We are part of an ever-changing metropolis and as a result often running in a hamster wheel. We don’t take enough time for reflection and processing of our surrounding. When you ask Londoners how they feel about their city (and I count myself as one of them), they will tell you that they have a love-hate relationship with their city. Overcrowded tubes, lots of tourists, train delays, traffic jams, air pollution, long distances to overcome and expensive rents – nobody likes that. Despite that we love this city due to better career opportunities, being part of one of the most cultural diverse places in Europe, a great food variety, the constant novelty, the amount of self-development opportunities and the artistic freedom.
London has a special vibe and spirit.

Wouldn’t it be great to reduce the stressful and annoying parts of our daily life here? Wouldn't it be perfect to transform our lifestyle into a more relaxed, conscious and healthy one, while we are still enjoying the benefits of a multi-cultural capital and going after the things we want to achieve? Why should we move to another place, city or country when we can start transforming our lives for better here and now? I’d like to share my experience on that transformational journey with you and hope I inspire you. I’d like to share how I slow down, relax more often, and transform myself into a balanced, positive and more creative person. We need more mentally strong and happy people. We need more individuals having greater awareness about themselves. I believe that those souls will enable the creation of a positive change on a bigger scale, from which we all benefit. We are living in politically and economically troubled times. However, this should not prevent us from creating a better life for ourselves and future generations. We only have one life and one earth. WE decide if we want to stay remote controlled and unaware or if we want to be special and better every day in what we do, in what we create and in who we love.