A Book Shop Heaven - Daunt Books Shop

If you love books and if you love traveling, then you will like or even love this secret pleasure place of mine.  

I’d like to invite you on a “short trip” to the Daunt Books shop in beautiful Marylebone. I have been knowing this inviting Edwardian book store since my very first weeks as a new Londoner thanks to my friend Jana. She’s the book worm number one I know from all the people I know who love reading. Jana just read 16 books in six weeks which is simply amazing. No, it’s crazy but amazing!

We both went to the Daunt Books shop on our Enjoying-London-Like-A-Tourist-Weekend-Trips. Actually, it was more than that. It was  always a very conscious enjoyment of all great things that a big city like London has to offer. And Daunt Books is one of these places and worth returning regularly. I personally cannot just stop by and have a look. I’m buying at least one or two books when I’m there. Okay, you got me, three. Books are an addiction I don’t want to get rid of, just to let you know.

So when you visit London for the first time, when you live in London and you love books, go and explore this book store. I’m sure the long oak galleries will make you also feel like being in an academia library. The store has an unique set up and books are arranged by countries. That’s fabulous, I think, because every time I enter the store or on my way to it I ask myself “To what places in our world do I want to mind travel to today? Which exciting things can I discover? You will also find tables full of new titles filling the front of the shop. That’s how I bought a book about Elon Musk. 

Customer services in the shop is great if you need them. However when I'm there I am just in a little books shop heaven, taking it in, no need to speak or ask. But I must admit that I’ve overheard several times nice chats of employees asking obviously regular customers like old friends how they are and what they are looking for today to find. Sweet! And so is this whole book shop - super sweet.

• Bought by James Daunt in 1990
• Daunt Books is a chain of book shops in London
• Specialised in travel books
• Apparently the first custom-built bookshop in the world
• Begann publishing in 2010

Where you can find it:
83 Marylebone High Street
London W1U 4QW
Nearest station: Baker Street or Bond Street


Daunt Book Shop London