Eating & Juicing Colourful

Living colourful is my thing! It's no secret to those who know me. I love using a lot of colours in my paintings, illustrations, and I like colourful clothes and accessories as well. I'm very attracted by colourful things around me. Always! And so am I by a colourful dish. I regularly enjoy some of these yummy, fresh and healthy plates here in Ealing (West London) where I have been living for the past 6 years. One of my favourite place is called

FarmW5 - Organic Food Market and Café

FarmW5 offers a mix of Mediterranean & Middle Eastern fresh dishes for breakfast, brunch, lunch and early dinners. They also do a lot of fresh juices if you're in a hurry and just want to stop by for boosting your morning energy. FarmW5 is not only a café with takeaway options, you can also order fresh veggies and other local organic products. But the great thing about this place is that their ingredients and dishes have no additives, no preservatives and no nonsense as they say on their website. I'm a veggie fan and grew up with eating lots of fruits and veggies grown in our own garden. My goal is to get back to a fresher and more organic diet and FarmW5 is the perfect address for it. The super kind team there chops, cooks and bakes everything themselves, sharing a Farm-to-Table approach with us foodies. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

My tip: Go there on a weekend day to have brunch and order 4 or 5 fresh things from the counter and a ginger lemon tea with local honey. It will cost you around £11 which is a reasonable price for such high-quality food. They have many more delicious dishes and I want to try as many as possible and share them with you on my Instagram. Well, maybe see you there very soon!

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