The Gustav Klimt Salad

Creativity doesn’t only start with being arty and painting all day long and it doesn’t end with problem solving at work.

Creativity is so much more and weaved into the majority, if not all, parts of our lives. When I was a teenager and I came home from school, I sometimes had 20 minutes or so until my parents came home from work as well. In those 20 minutes I often switched on the TV to sort of switch off from school. My parents were not a fan of TV and I was actually not allowed to watch much TV at all. I always found that a bit too strict but as you can see I found my ways to secretly watch it.

In the 1990’s there was this show called Kochduell. In the UK they called it Ready steady cook. Guys, I loved it! Basically, two teams consisting of a show participant and a professional chef were competing against each other. Creativity started already with the participant going shopping with only 20 DM (deutschmarks) which would be 10 Euros these days. (10 Euros?!?!?! That is nothing these days). The professional chef and his participant then had 15 minutes to creatively come up with something made from all these ingredients and present that to a jury. It was fast, fun and creative! That’s how I learned to appreciate freestyle cooking or let’s say freestyle meal prep.

I’m still into freestyle cooking but I love to really try and master great recipes once I got older. Only with salads I still feel like I can go crazy and freestyle forever! My love and appetite for salads goes also back to the 1990’s when my dad started to make big bowls of salads in the evening. Tomatoes, basil, olives, feta cheese or mozzarella and onions. Even his carrot salad was so yummy and then my mum did such a fantastic traditional potatoes or broccoli salad, or my grandma was the master of the Thuringia cucumber salad…ahhh…hmmmm. We grew a lot of vegetables in our garden and we loved and still love eating vegetables. I’m very grateful for having grown up like this because my family and my background shaped my taste for food which turned out later is a healthy taste.

So, this brings me to one the things I love to prepare and eat: SALAD!
I’m known for eating a lot of salad and making delicious ones. And because I love to share all my passions I thought it’s time to share my passion for salads as well. I’m going to introduce to some of my salad combinations and I started to give them arty names.

Here we go with the Gustav Klimt Salad!

Why Gustav Klimt - oh la la! Wait for the final picture of the salad and you might get it :-). Salads are so easy to prepare. Here we go!

The Ingredients:

  • Cherry tomatoes

  • Cucumber

  • Grilled courgettes

  • Grilled aubergines

  • Beetroot

  • Pasta (feel free to chose whatever type and shape of pasta)

  • Lime juice

  • Truffle oil

  • Balsamico

  • Herbs: chives, parsley, garlic, rosemary, coreander, dill

  • Salt & chilli flakes

How to prepare:

  • Cook the pasta

  • Grill the aubergine and courgettes

  • Cut the rest of the vegetables into cubes and the herbs as small as possible

  • Mix everything: herbs, veggies, pasta, lime juice, oil, salt, chilli, balsamico, garlic, oil and maybe some almond flakes

  • Add the beetroots as the last ingredient if possible et voila!