5 Online Art Magazines That...

… I LOVE to read!

How would your perfect day start? With a workout? Checking your Instagram feed? Texting back on WhatsApp? Coffee or maybe even breakfast.

My perfect day starts with a little ceremony. That’s how I call these hours between 8:00 - 11:00 am on weekend days or when I am on vacation. I get up, make myself a coffee and a little snack to eat and then start reading all my favourite online magazines.

It’s something I would really call is luxury because I do have this time and don’t need to take care of anything or anyone else then me. Reading those online magazines makes me feel great, I must admit. They provide me with knowledge to keep up in the art world but those articles also inspire me. And there is nothing more addictive then feeling and enjoying this inspiration!


The Artsy Magazine is my favourite to read. Its articles are so versatile, highly educating and still for everyone out there. Even for the ones who believe they are no art connoisseurs. And that’s what I really like about Artsy Magazine. It’s for a global, contemporary, creative and artsy audience. You definitely should put this on your reading list.

Artsy Magazine July 2019


The Art Gorgeous I’ve only discovered early this year. Have you seen their Instagram profile? Hilarious! Their funny collages are taking the piss out of the art world and very often showing an ironic, if not sarcastic view on the relationship between artists, gallerists and collectors.

The Art Gorgeous


The AfterNyne Magazine is currently under construction. It’s the magazine of London After Nyne Gallery that comes out quarterly and has been award-nominated. Can’t wait until it’s back!

After Nyne Gallery


Wepresent is the perfect place to look for inspiration. When I discovered this side project of WeTransfer I could not stop browsing for hours and read about all these unexpected stories about creativity.

Wepresent Page


The Artspace Magazine is another great source to keep yourself up to date with the art world. Compared to the others, this page looks a little bit old fashioned and still it’s full of great articles to read. Maybe start with the interview collection.

Artspace Blog / Magazine