Why You Lost Your Creative Juices & How You Get Back Your Inner Artist

Why You Lost Your Creative Juices & How You Get Back Your Inner Artist

Let's be honest! Something distracted you so much that you lost the connection to your inner artist and now you have no idea how to get back to feeling productive and creative, simply happy and satisfied. Start looking at what happened to you in the past few weeks and maybe even months. Are you struggling with your day job? Is that taking away too much time and energy? Ask yourself why? Find out what's going wrong and change it!

One of my illustrator friends stopped illustrating and instagraming a couple of months ago because her job as Junior Print Designer turned out to not be the job she applied for. She struggled to find inspiration after work because her energy was consumed by the things she didn't like to do in that job. 

Shortly said, she was too busy with feeling unhappy about a basic in life. You should have a job you really like, colleagues that you are looking forward to see and work with, something that this company and role can contribute to your own personal development and growth plans. Well, if you don't know what you want from your job then ask a Millennial or someone from Generation Z. They know too well what they need, want and they go for it. Surely and realistically, you won't find that right away. Put yourself out there and do NOT give up finding THAT job and company that will support you. If you're not happy in your current situation, seek out help from your mentors to change what you can change. If that's still not enough then leave the job and try the next one. You probably think ... ahh she says that so easily but I can confirm that it took me several years to find THAT job and company by having the courage to leave jobs that simply didn't serve my purpose. 

The other thing is STRUCTURE. If you don't plan and make time to stop being trapped in the busy crazy working world you will never start getting out of that. You need to sit down and think. 

  • Block time in your calendar on a day off to just think about what you would love to create
  • Block time again on a day off to just browse other artists on Instagram, go to an exhibition, watch movies and go out with your best friends. Relax! Have fun!
  • Write down your ideas and go for the one that excites you the most, go small, don't overwhelm yourself with overcommitting
  • Then block away the time you would need daily or weekly to create exactly what you want and be disciplined, stick to your plan, say no to things that distract you and do not serve your creative project
  • Do you have the tools you need? Paint, Illustrator, canvases ... etc? Get them!
  • Read this book!
  • Be confident and don't create for others. Create for yourself, be proud of yourself

Once you've started, be patient. The rewarding emotions will start to kick in and help you keep going. Share your outcome on social platforms! Enjoy the likes. AND if you're still not happy with your job and the culture of the company, keep applying for a new one. With having your creative side project, you accomplish something that's important to you, you feel good and you will see how much better and optimistic you will feel about changing even that bad job situation.