The Saatchi Gallery

To be honest, I have stopped counting how many times I’ve been to the Saatchi Gallery this year! I love this gallery and how it makes me feel during and after a visit – Inspired, energised & part of the art world!

SAATCHI, this name! Doesn’t it sound already so artsy and cool? I’m jealous, Mr Charles Saatchi! The Murmann Gallery … I’m not quite sure how my surname would make a great gallery name. Well, let’s focus on the “real” stuff now. The art of the artists! My intention is not to bore you with details about the gallery’s history as you can easily google that yourself but I want to point out that the gallery’s concept is an amazing one! Exhibiting unknown artists is a great way to support the next generation, upcoming talent and artists who would maybe never get a chance in the commercial art world. The gallery’s goal to make art more accessible to the mainstream, rather than keeping it as something exclusive resonates a lot with me. It invites the mainstream, you and me, for free. With its completely free-entry it stands out as the only contemporary art museum of its size in the world who does that.

This time I felt:

INSPIRED TO COPY - By the photo collages of John Stezaker
SAD - By the pictures of Richard Billingham
ATTRACTED - By the canvases of the Clayton Brothers

Read here an article from last year’s exhibition “From Selfie to Self-Expression” or check out some of my paintings on Saatchiart.