A Unique Collection

This is all about how to showcase or present a collection of your artwork.

I love to use the magazine style and called it OUTPUT.

A definition of output is
“The amount of something
produced by a person,
machine, or industry.”

OUTPUT is a powerful word to me. It reflects that something has been created. Something has been produced. Something that I can see, feel, taste, hear or read. I was once referred to as a high achiever; I couldn’t help but agree. I like to tick things off my to do list but more importantly, I like to create and produce something tangible. In a world that is spinning faster and faster I appreciate moments of reflection and appreciating what I’ve created. 

Over a number of years I have created a collection of pieces which I am now curating into a magazine format. I hope this selection of paintings, collages, drawings and illustrations, created with pure joy and passion will also entertain your eyes. I shall now leave you to cast your eyes over a preview of the Output pages. The whole magazine is available here.

Tip: It has been created in InDesign and uploaded to Blurb. I’ve been using Blurb since three years now and am always happy with the printing quality. Uploaded PDFs will be checked by Blurb but you can also use one of their magazine templates. They offer tools for every skill level. If you want to sell your book on Amazon, on iBooks, create an e-book or just publish and sell it on Blurb, they help you will all of that.

Can’t wait to receive my hard copy soon! Happy creating, guys!