The Future Artist - A More Digital Journey?

Sometimes I try to imagine how our world will look like in 100 or 200 years.
How would my life look like in 2118? How would I express myself as an artist? What tools would I use? How would I promote my pieces and connect with other artists and art lovers?


I would possibly co-create abstract artwork with my humanoid, let's call him Karl, at home getting messy with colourful liquids on traditional canvases or on digital canvases with our virtual reality program. I would mainly work from home or from wherever I'd be at the moment because being everyday in an offices is simply not the case anymore. But when commuting with the latest Hyperloop line from my home place in Southern Europe to my office in central London I would get out my SuperPad Pro and sketch and create digital and instant pieces that I can even share on the social media screens of the Hyperloop train. I would probably more often create art with my digital tools then I am doing right now. Although the digital art world is already an advanced one these days, I personally have not yet fully integrated the digital way of creation into my daily arty life. But I will!

With the move to a different place in a couple of days I will need to reduce my belongings quite a lot. That will not only affect some clothes, books and shoes here and there, it will also reduce the canvases and brushes, colour tubes and all the other stuff I have. I simply won't have much space to keep all that anymore. I could need a studio, yes, that's right but let's work with what we have. Because not everybody can afford their own art studio. I can't afford a studio. Not yet. Maybe in the near future, cities like London will create and share more “co-artworking” spaces as they do already with office spaces. To make that affordable for people who have not much money they should really look into different ways of financing such arty hubs.

So, given that I will move soon and declutter my belongings, it made me decide to adapt to an arty life style that is more flexible in creating. It brought me to think that creating artwork more digitally will give me that freedom. All I need is an iPad or notebook, a stylo and internet right? What else is out there on the market that could enable me to become a creator on the go? Let me know! And let's go DIGITAL! I hope you haven't already developed a digital fatigue because this year's buzz word seems to be digital. Digital transformation everywhere. Especially at work has digital been one of the hot topic since months. Digital transformation just became part of our DNA. And I know not everyone of you is a fan of it but yes, I personally want to embrace it more often because I believe that it opens future doors.

I'm not concerned that I will lose my skills with the traditional tools. I see it rather as an education to use another medium and tool that enables me to express myself. It won't substitute my brushes and my watercolours, paper or canvases ... etc. but it will add an important and modern way to create artwork. Digital art won't disappear nor lose importance in the future. The opposite. I believe it will be developed even further and be integrated in a lots of parts of our daily life to let us express and shape our individual experiences. 

Please feel free to join me in that journey. Let me know what you will do to become more “artdigitally'“?