Why Being More Creative Courageous Will Prepare You For The Future

Why Being More Creative Courageous Will Prepare You For The Future
  • Long time ago, we've discovered that WANTING happiness in life is very much of a journey rather than a destination.

  • IN The past few years we have come to realise that the digital transformation affecting almost all areas of our life now is very much of a journey rather than a destination.

  • And I claim that we're right now at the beginning of a great creativity era that is also very much of a journey rather than a destination. And it’s not only for artists but for everyone.

To take the creative journey is something not all of us yet openly and consciously embrace. And I do understand that because I'm coming from a background where being arty and creative was fine but "wouldn't get you a job". Well, luckily things have changed. But still I hear in conversations with people around me that a lot of you don't feel that creative to make a great contribution to something. Some of you feel shy or intimidated by people who constantly try out a lot of creative things. 

So, here is the first thing I'd like you to change. From today on you stop saying that you're not creative and you start saying, yes sure I am creative, let me show you how.

"Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. Creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. Creativity involves two processes: thinking, then producing." (Source)

If you have ideas but don’t act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.

We all have a creative talent in us to a higher or lesser degree. In my opinion, the second process of creativity, the actual producing is the important though neglected one. How many of you have great ideas, are good at using their imagination but never really put that idea into practice, produce and create it?

Now the good news is, a process can be learned. Creating is a result of thinking, analysing, learning, trying, evaluating, educating, combining, linking, remembering, connecting. Creativity is considered to be among the highest form of learning, and the more we learn the better we can apply facts, concepts, ideas and are able to create. And the more we create, the more we learn. My own experience with creating a magazine, abstract paintings, illustrations, songs, short stories etc. proved to me how much I can learn by really DOING it. It’s an important and never-ending cycle. In my eyes, this is THE skill to successfully navigate into the future of work and living.

Here is why you should unleash your creativity and get prepared for the future of work and living. 

  • You will gain a competitive advantage because you're adding value to your personal brand, a service or product you're working on, you differentiate yourself and your business or team from the competition and from peers

  • Therefore you will less struggle to compete

  • You gain more confidence

  • You enable yourself to step out of stuck situations and roles, you enable yourself to more easily transform yourself to the person you want to be

  • You learn how to progress through discomfort

  • You secure a place in the future as technology is taking over more functional tasks that you've just learned, you don't need to fear that you’re not up to date, that you might lose your job, or the connection to the younger generations

  • You attract more opportunities that resonate with you and that energise you

  • You enable yourself to provide to innovation which every future business needs to cultivate faster

So what is going through your head now? Take your time and think further, write down your ideas and thoughts and start practising CREATIVITY.


  1. Start creative lunch & learn sessions at work.

  2. Find something that you create for 30 days in a row. Show it, talk about it, publish it.

  3. Learn something absolutely new.


Books: Picasso's Brain by Christine Temple, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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