Benefits Of Bringing Nature To Urban Life - In London

A German saying goes "Das habe ich mir auf die Fahne geschrieben." It literally means that if I've written something on my flag. It's a statement that emphasises that I have made something to my mission, yes, that I'm going to pursue something no matter what.

Spring time in Walpole Park

So what I've written on my "flag" is:
Slow Down, Relax More Often, Daydream, Find & Enjoy Places To Switch Off.

In a city like London full of super busy and screen addicted people running from A to B, from catch up with friends to the next meeting and then again from work to the gym, and to the latest hot bar in the city ... oh la la! Have you ever wondered how that makes you feel if you keep doing that everyday? No?

Why do you gain weight? Why do you feel so exhausted? Why can't you sleep well? Why is your mind racing all the time? It makes you feel dizzy, unrested, and unconsciously it also makes you feel unhappy at one point. So let's talk about something that can help you to switch off and get your balance back. You don't need to drive to the next natural park. You can enjoy your local nature or backyard biodiversity as well.


It's NATURE, it's being outside and it's seeking quiet moments in quiet places to digest and process your last few days. One of the best places for doing that are the parks and little gardens here in London. You can find them everywhere.

Let me share with you my little retreat heaven in Ealing. It's the walled kitchen garden of John Soane, part of the beautiful park called Walpole park. Have a look at the pictures and you will see how beautiful it is. To sum it up here are 3 reasons why you should go and find your own green retreat place. Clear your mind and get happy! Oh, and before I forget to mention it, leave your mobile at home. 

3 Reason Why You Should Connect With Local Nature:

  1. Increases your mood and vitality.
  2. Improves your immune functioning.
  3. Lowers your stress hormones and decreases markers of inflammation.

What is your favourite green spot in London to relax? Let me know and comment below.  

All pictures are taking at Walpole park, Lamas park and Soane's walled kitchen garden.

Lamas Park
Walpole Park
Flowers in Walpole Park
Sky above Walpole and Lamas Park
Water in Walpole Park
Walpole Park
Trees in Walpole Park
Pond in Walpole Park
Walpole Park.jpg
Winter and Snow in Walpole Park
Sunrise Walpole and Lamas Park
Soane's Walled Kitchen Garden Bench
Spring in Walpole Park