Illustrators I Adore

As some of you know does my passion for creativity and art not stop with abstract paintings. I’m also a huge, huge, huge fan of illustrations!

I was once featured on the illustration platform Illustration Daily with a political piece called “Eurolates - Strengthening the Core”. It was my way to react to Brexit. You can’t imagine how happy and proud I felt when Illustration Daily published it. In a year of difficult job decisions that was a sign to me and fuelled my plans pursuing a creative way!

I love Illustration Daily, and this is not the only online platform I’m regularly checking out for inspiration. I can easily spend hours looking at all the illustrations posted and then researching illustrators that stick out to me.

I thought, it’s time to talk about my favourite illustrators. There are many absolutely great ones out there! They encourage me everyday to keep going and work on my own illustration style and goals - not easy when you have multiple other jobs but also not impossible. Let’s start with one I’ve discovered seven years ago …

Screen Shot 2019-01-27 at 12.28.23.png

Garance Doré

An inspiration not only for my drawings

Garance Doré (FR/US) -
Atelier Doré

“As you know I am an illustrator and an artist’s journey is a quite beautiful but complicated one. And it’s fine! What’s not fine is when the demands we put on ourselves end up stifling our sense of play. I haven’t taken the time to lose time creating and making stuff just for me for years. Making “ugly” or “weird” stuff is as important as making pretty stuff - if we only try to do what we know, the source dries up and we end up just copying ourselves and losing the juice.”

Garance, which is her artist name by the way, is not only illustrating, she is also a great photographer and writer/blogger. I have not stopped reading her articles on her website since I discovered her in a French Vogue issue. Her drawings are elegant, feminine and well featured on her blog, mostly with her very personal articles. I admire Garance’s openness and boldness to being an imperfect and finding herself. In my eyes, that makes her a strong person already.

Conrad Roset Illustration

Conrad Roset

My inspiration for watercolours and simple lines

Conrad Roset (ES)

At the same time I started to discover Garance, I found Conrad on Instagram. He’s an illustrator from Barcelona and now a successful video game designer. I admire his muse pieces the most which he also published in a book. He is my inspiration when it comes to using watercolours.

Travel, Write & Draw

Meagan Morrison

Travels the world, writes and draws about it

Meagan Morrison (US/CAN) - Travel, Write & Draw

When I checked out Meagan’s blog for the first time I was so fascinated how she linked the three things she loves spending time with the most. Travelling, writing and drawing! She found her unique way to share her illustrations with the world, a beautiful niche I think. Meagan is one great example of going freelance and pursuing your dream to become a full-time illustrator. She’s done a great job and I love to see her getting so many great project deals. She demonstrates vey well how diverse the job world for illustrators is out there! Encouraging!
If I could I’d love to sit down with her, have a coffee and a loooong talk about drawing the world. Let’s see when she’s back for a visit in London.

Blair Breitenstein

Blair Breitenstein

Red lips, lashes and big eyes

Blair Breitenstein (US) - Blairz

I wish I had invented her amazing and unique style of drawing fashion faces. I love the rawness and edginess of her pieces and can completely understand why there are so many illustrators out there trying to copy her style. Blair is definitely a great inspiration in the world of fashion illustration. Hmmm, maybe I start copying her as well he, he.

And not to forget here are some of my latest crushes - Amazing talents!