CreaLax©  - Create and Relax

A year ago, we started to have lunch & learn sessions at work. We learned about mindfulness, how to do origami, knitting and much more. I once gave a session on how to use our voice better and then thought … I should bring my passion even more to work.

My passion for drawing and painting. I started with an abstract portrait session and last week I organised my first CreaLax© session. I am surprised but super content about the feedback I received. My colleagues find these drawing sessions very relaxing. I could see that when they switched off completely for at least one hour, when they did let their minds just deal with pencils, lines and brush strokes, it was giving them a real break from dealing with hundreds of emails, complexity and multiple problems to solve every day. And also, not to forget. Those lunches and sessions together they connect us better as well as we allow us to interact in a different situation but serious work. Those moment should not be underestimated.

Below you will find some pictures from our session in May. If you have questions about these sessions or want me to run one at your company, contact me at: