Paris Street Art

Last month, I went to Paris and spent some time in the city. I wanted to see how Paris makes me feel these days as I haven’t been in Paris for six years. Before heading off to the wedding of one of my oldest and most beautiful friends, Cécile, at the Côtes-d'Armor, I took my time and explored some parts of the city by simply walking around. Paris, you made me feel good and so home!

In London, the area with the most amazing street art and graffitis is East London - Shoreditch, Brick Lane, Kentish Town/Camden, Hackney. But in Paris, I had the impression it’s everywhere but also nicely concentrated in the centre of the metropolis. I love street art! Not the less creative tags that some sprayers leave randomly at your house walls, no, I refer to the ones that create a kind of public art exhibition. The posters, the wall paintings, the mosaics, the stickers, the photographs glued to the wall of a small alley … I think I need to return to shoot more street art pictures, to explore more of their wall paintings and how I might get to paint a wall one day myself…

Enjoy the the pictures I took of what grabbed my attention whilst strolling through Paris. Voilà!