A Doodle Bomb Project

My approach to staying creative when having only limited or no time? - Take something “old” and make something “new”. Voilà!

It has not only been convenient to sit down and “doodle bomb” it has also been a way to meditate in the past few weeks - work/life/artist balance, you know. So, I took older drawings and illustrations from my Fashion Faces collection, uploaded them to the Paper app on my iPad Mini and started to doodle on top of them. I used a very simple stylus, nothing too fancy and expensive to draw with. There was no intention for leaving any meaningful messages in the drawings but in most of them some words or phrases made it into the creation reflecting my current thoughts and happenings.

Have you ever heard about the doodle bomb phenomenon started by artist named Hattie Stewart? I’ve discovered her doodles she made on top of magazine issues and saw some of her work exhibited at the Pick Me Up a couple of years ago. I was very attracted by the bold use of colour, and it was then that I’ve discovered this way of re-creating something cool (I think) with another medium.

Here are the take aways from my doodle project:

The advantage of working with existing pieces is
a) having had enough distance to the illustration to view it in a new light and re-create something with it;
b) I like it more than before; and
c) I haven’t been lazy and kept creating. So, great use of time, don’t you think?

Wanna see more? Then check out my Instagram where I continue to share my doodle bombs.

Happy doodling!